Hey guys (and gals)!!! It’s been a while since my last post. Let’s just say things have been crazy on my end. But in lighter news, today was my doctor’s visit. Good news? My numbers for most of my result were great, and I am improving with my health. Bad news? Still borderline diabetic and … More 6.13.17


Happy Sunday! So we are almost done with the month of May. I feel really good today because yesterday I had a situation with someone that in the past I really cared about. But after this last texting conversation, and looking at the vicious pattern of giving what you wanted, and then you vanish into … More 5.28.17


Happy Sunday!!! Hope everyone is having a good day. Started the morning off watching InTouch. Well it was watching me. I dislike how I am awake for something else, but when its for something I look forward to, it never seems to happen that way. But yesterday was a very hectic day. Helped mom with … More 5.21.17


Its Friday… And once again, another short blog. So let’s do this shall we. 😊😊😊 Today, earlier this morning, at 5:19am, we had a thunderstorm roll through here in St.Louis, MO. Crazy and amazing thing was that it only lasted like 45 minutes 😱😱😱but sadly, I lost a good couple minutes of “wrapping up” sleep. … More 5.19.17


Its Thursday and almost 9:30 so I will try to make this short and sweet. Today, I had 2 full cups (or liters) of water, had some yummy sushi, and still had a crash…AT WORK!!!! 😞😞😞😞 I’m trying so very hard to stay awake but idk what it is but it is always that time … More 5.18.17


Good evening all. Just finished my reading for tonight. Since this is Mental Illness Awareness Month, one of my reading plans talking about new beginnings. After hearing this verse, I thought that like me, a lot of us want a fresh new start on their journey to recovery. Also, read another that had prayers for … More 5.17.17


It’s Monday…again. Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend with the woman or women that they care about very much. So Tumblr is still celebrating Mental Illness Month. And I am still participating in the activities for the week. I’m back on my health kick again. What I’ve started is adding detox waters, you know, the … More 5.15.17


It is 2:53pm (will probably be later once this is posted) So I have some great news, earlier this week, my aunt Jasmine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Shiloh. And it has now been an official week since I moved into my new place. But for the past couple days this week, work … More 5.7.17