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Gabrielle Lanae Beverly

Start: 2.14.17-present

img_0537What can I say about myself? I am a Capricorn to start (January the 2nd) so I love art and I love being creative. By day, I am a vector modeler at FlightSafety International, where we create flight simulators for pilots in training. By night, I’m just a quiet, down-to-earth young lady that likes to draw, write, drink tea, and…take medicine every night for my bipolar disorder. Yes, I have bipolar and that’s ok. Writing has always been my passion and my “escape” growing up. It was hard to express myself towards other people so I was better expressing myself through art by writing and drawing. But writing wasn’t just something that I loved to do, it was something that helped me get through my darkest times.

Back in 2008, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, brought on by depression. I became so depressed that I wouldn’t eat, I just wanted to sleep all day, I was trapped inside a dark hole. It was like I would wake up in a nightmare, even though it was sunny outside. So once I got the help that I needed, and start doing my research on the issue, that’s when the power of writing really took off for me. I’ve always had a diary or a journal, but I never really took time out of my day to write in it like I should have. Now, some nights I’ll write up to 5 or 6 pages in my journal, other times it maybe just 2 or 3 pages that get filled for the day. During that time, that was at first my “homework for the soul”, whatever was on my heart or on my mind, I just let it all out on paper. And I’ve let it all come out on paper ever since then.

Overtime, I always wondered if the world knew anything about mental health and how to help others cope with it. So, in April of 2016, my mother and I were sitting at home watching a special on Channel 11 where a panel discussed the effects of mental health, the different kinds of mental illnesses that were being diagnosed, the groups to help people with mental illness, and how to get the message out there that this is a serious issue in the U.S. Perhaps, even all around the world, someone has mental issues. I remember sitting there, looking at the panel of people, and noticed there was no one to represent the younger generation, no one to give them a voice. So I thought why not share my story, and help others out there, with a blog? And that’s how “The Gabby Diaries” came to be. I not only wanted people to see what I do everyday on a daily basis, but I also want to help people by giving them a few tips and tricks that have helped me cope with Bipolar for the past 9 years now. If someone has other tips that they want to offer, I’ll be here to listen.

So what is “The Gabby Diaries” about? It is a blog about this young lady who deals with life challenges in everyday living while dealing with bipolar. It is also a place where if you have stories you would like to share, grab a pen and tell me your story. My mission is to help others cope with mental illnesses, including Bipolar, as they continue to live their life one day at a time.

I hope this blog helps you, I know it helping me. Happy reading and happy writing!

Until the next blank page…