01.15.18- Part 2

imageSo perfect time to write this would be on my lunch break right? Well I’ve been doing very well with my reading and daily devotionals lately, that I forgot to share this Verse of The Day with you guys from last week. I wanted to share this one in particular because it hit so close to home for me. Growing up, I always thought that everyone in the world was nice, everyone was my friend as soon as I met them, that there were no bad people or things in the world. But as I got older, life taught me otherwise. The funny thing about that was when something would go wrong, and I would have those bad thoughts come to mind, I would never act on them because I knew better and deep down, I just wasn’t that kind of person. I would have kids tell me all the time “Gabby, you’re too soft.” And yes, it may have seemed that way, but the truth is that I was sensitive, but I believed those people anyway, even though that wasn’t true. So as time went on, and I got older, I made friends that accepted me for me, and were always honest with me. To me, that was God’s way of telling me, that these are the ones that will always be honest with you, and that will always love you like I love you.

Now, we’re in a time where most times, it’s hard to believe what anyone says anymore. Or it’s hard to believe what the books, the TV, your magazines, even the music you listen to can lead you astray sometimes. But a sign from God? That’s something that is never false, whether he is using something or someone, its coming from Him.

Well enough of my rambling, or venting, or whatever, time to get back to work.

Until later on…


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