And we are now at the very last day of my birthday week.

It was a fun, interesting week, full of ups and downs, but all in all, I’m thankful to see another year, and blessed to be on this earth for 27 years.

Tonight’s blog is around today’s message I watched this morning. So by show of hands, how many of you are familiar with InTouch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley? (pause for affect or effect). If some of you said yes, then you’ll understand, if not, go to the link and check out the page, you’ll love it (InTouch). So the message talked about 7 Habits to a Godly Life. As I sat there, and listened to message, took my notes, and followed the reading, I really did think to myself the question Dr. Stanley asked the audience in the show- Are you a Godly Person?

Well let’s fast forward back to 2012, that was the year that I got saved. Ever since that day, I was trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow, reading the word everyday, praying, talking to God, everything. But I can honestly say that up until 2014 to 2015, so many things were happening for me, and life was going like a blur. Work was going well, relationships- not so much, getting closer with friends and family, and felt like I was even more closer to God than ever. But between 2015 and 2017, things were a HUGE emotional rollercoaster for me. Work, family, friends, relationships, so many things were happening so fast, good and bad, and then when my grandmother died, things just stopped and dropped to the ground. And then, once I thought about that, I looked back at my notes and realized that I was not living up the habits of living a Godly life at all.

So earlier, I watched the message again, and realized I have some work to do, I said I wanted to build better relationships, and do so many other wonderful things. Well I can’t do any of that without putting God first. I need to practice these habits, I want to practice these habits, so I can have a better year, and a better life. Anyway, just wanted to vent that little life epiphany if you want to call it that.

Well, time to get some rest, got to go to work in the AM, and I’m starting my workout challenge again for this month, as well a new devotional.

Until tomorrow…


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