And it’s Saturday.

Hey again, so all this week, I’ve been getting things done at work. But also I’ve been keeping track of everything…well almost everything, dealing with my health. Let’s start going through my week:

  • Monday- 1st day back to work after a whole week of being in Sin City. Had a headache on Sunday, but I was okay once I took care of the situation early.
  • Tuesday- Visit with my therapist after a wonderful Instagram photoshoot. Sadly, Tuesday night, developed a migraine due to very seasoned food. So for majority of Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, I could not sleep comfortably.
  • Wednesday- Recovered from late night migraine and didn’t have anything else after that
  • Thursday- “That Time” happened, which caused a slight headache and fatigue. But later on in the evening, had a very upset stomach for most of the night. Another semi-sleepless night.
  • Friday- had a slight headache before leaving work, but cured it in time and was able to sleep.
  • Today- woke up with a headache due to sinus issues

So I kept a diary on my iPad of my headaches, when they happened and what were my triggers. This week, I’m going to be more careful by seeing which foods specifically cause a trigger or not. But so far, it’s chronic sinuses, salty foods, cabin pressure (from the Vegas trip), and “That time of the month” that sets them off.

Well, my pops is over here, so I will come back on here later on. Just giving you guys an update.

Until later…


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