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Happy Monday!!!

Well yours truly is back…from a long week vacation in Sin City. That’s right, I gambled, and did some sight-seeing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s just say I know the reason why people say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”

So let’s start with this little timeline shall we?

Sunday 9|3|17- left St. Louis, MO to Vegas @ 3:30pm, arriving @ Las Vegas Airport 35 minutes early. Got a MAJOR migraine, arrived at resort, and stayed in the room with Mom, ordered pizza and watched August Rush, and a few other movies. Monday 9|4|17- Went over to Treasure Island Casino and then took a timeshare tour with Mom, ate at the resort restaurant. Came back to the room and watched more movies.
Tuesday 9|5|17- Walked Fremont and ate at the Heart Attack Grill, gambled at more casinos, and seen some crippled pigeons (yes, I said it correct, PIGEONS).
Wednesday 9|6|17(our last day)- walked along the Strip and gambled inside the Paris Royale Casino, ate at the Resort Restaurant again, and came back to pack our bags. Took a cab to the Vegas airport to catch our flight @ 11:59pm back St. Louis, MO.

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Once we were home bound, let’s just say due to the flight, I’m STILL playing catch up on lost hours of sleep. I didn’t even go to bed officially until MIDNIGHT!!!! And still got up at 5:30 this morning to go to work?!?!?!?!? Oh yes, I did. And sadly, the insomniac in me dozed off multiple times at my cube throughout the day. Hence as soon as I am done with this wonderful post, I am going to take a shower, have my Quiet Time, and go to bed.


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