Heillllo everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your 4 or 5 day weekend so far. And also hope that everyone is getting a chance to relax and see some fireworks this weekend too.

We are no longer in June and are now in July. Still shocks me that it was just January, or heck that it was just 2016 no too long ago. So the last time I was on here, I was talking about my weight loss journey. Let’s start with last Monday.

So Monday, I came back to work after another relaxing weekend with my aunt and my baby cousin. Went to work, and had all intentions of working out. But due to a few minor headaches that occurred off and on throughout the day, and mom inviting me over her house, I didn’t do any kind of physical activity. But eating-wise, I did eat very healthy though all day. I’ve been keeping a food journal and I write down everything that I ate that day, as well as my water intake, and take notes of if the food I had was good or bad, or if it was some kind of trigger of emotion. But thanks to the journal, it helps me catch a pattern of why I eat the things I eat or show whether or not I’ve made progress with both physical activity and changing my lifestyle and diet around. So for the remainder of the week, my eating habits have made a slight change, my physical activity was not here at all this week, but my water intake has been increasing a lot, especially at home, and still continues to increase at work.

I think this week was rough because at work, we had a meeting where someone put in a comment in the question box, saying that they were concerned with the reputation of the company. This person notices that other teammates are away from their workstations 15-20 or more at a time to where it looks like that particular teammate is not working. I will admit right now, that if you work in Cubicleville like I do, then you understand that you CANNOT sit down for 8 HOURS straight from the time you clock in to the time you clock out at work. Also, we are on our computers doing nothing but…WORK, and we have strict internet rules for our department so at times, it’s best to step away from the screen from time to time if you’re looking at the same thing for more than 2 hours in.  I would prefer if I had a work schedule of working from Mon. thru Thurs. for 10 hours each day, and have Fridays off. I think that would be an ideal schedule for someone who deals with health issues like me because on Fridays, I can find time to not only workout longer, but also schedule in some Self-Care time, I can make more time to just stop and take a breather.

I was shocked but I was proud that my oldest brother started taking a few days off of work after his health scare with Diabetes, which by the way, he is doing fine. But I was happy to see that he was sitting still for once, just taking time to relax. So, I’m definitely going to start doing that a little more. Sometimes, you just need a day or two to just either recharge yourself or to just turn everything down.

Well guys, I’m getting sleepy so today’s post was a rant/health update. And I hear some fireworks outside, so I’m going to try and catch some.

Until tomorrow…



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