6.24.17- 2

After our outing, we have returned to the humble little abode of the Beverly residence.

First, my aunt Jasmine and I, took a trip to this Gyro place, where lamb tastes…very delicious. Then we took a trip to Deluxe Nail Spa, where we fell in love with manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow clean-up (NOTE: Add going to the nail spa as part of the self-care list). Once we arrived to DSW, we picked up some cute shoes for each of us.

But we had to make a dash back home so Mommy can see the baby (and so I can take care of a lady emergency that occurred at the store). So now, we are all on the couch, chilling and watching television, and adoring the baby’s company. But we will be going back on another adventure soon. Did research earlier on getting a BA in either Fine Arts or English, still debating between the two. I love drawing, and it’s still in my blood, but writing is a part of my blood too, and I’ve been doing that more lately than drawing. How do I decide? It’s a tough decision. I’m proud that I did take some time to do some research while I was here at my aunt’s house. If I was at my house, I would still be able to get it done, but I wouldn’t be as motivated like I am when I’m here with her and the baby.

I’m still young, and I want to travel, explore and learn new things. I want to still draw, and write stories as well as blog. But, I want a new change of scenery, a new environment, be or live in a new place. I love getting like this because I get so excited. I need to write some things down, lists, ideas, thoughts, anything, just write it down. I need to talk to God again, because thanks to Him, I wouldn’t be sitting here sparking up so many new ideas to be creative, and to change my life around for the better.

Well, keep me your prayers you guys. Tonight’s adventure to the neighborhood Walmart may have something in store for me that I needed to get things kicking off into high gear.

Until later…


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