Happy Sunday!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day. Started the morning off watching InTouch. Well it was watching me. I dislike how I am awake for something else, but when its for something I look forward to, it never seems to happen that way.

But yesterday was a very hectic day. Helped mom with her first women’s retreat at our church. Long story short, great turn out for her first event. The food was great, the speaker was awesome, and even though it was a small group of people, everyone still enjoyed themselves. I think she’ll do it again next year.
Then went shopping today, but because we are still a little tired from the work we did yesterday, prepping and helping, we are both going to need a nap. But for all the girls out there,  I learned a valuable lesson. Your worth isn’t based on material things or the person you’re with, it is based on your faith in the Lord. If you continue to stay strong in faith and stay close to God, everything will be alright and everything will fall into place. 

Now, I’m going to browse on Pinterest for a little while. 😇😇😇

Until tomorrow…



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