It’s Monday…again.

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend with the woman or women that they care about very much.

So Tumblr is still celebrating Mental Illness Month. And I am still participating in the activities for the week. I’m back on my health kick again. What I’ve started is adding detox waters, you know, the ones you see on Pinterest that not only look pretty but are also beneficial for the body??? Yes, those and right now, I am currently sipping on a cucumber/lemon water. This is one is for GREAT for fat burn. I still need to create a workout routine for myself too. I know for sure this week and part of this month, I’ll start with Walk Away The Pounds. That way, I can work my way back to where I was last year, and take on the long walk home from work again.

Other things that I’m trying to work on for better health is practice the things I read and seen on Tumblr for Self-Care. For instance, I’m back on my bible study as of last night, and plan on sticking with it from here on out. And I’m trying really hard to try and go to bed by 9:00pm, that way I can get my full 8 to 8.5 hours of sleep. I’m tired of getting in the bed at 9:00pm, only to fall into a deep sleep after 10:30pm. Sadly, this causes me to feel more tired at work, which can make it hard to focus. So I’m going to create a healthy Evening Routine and stick with it.

Today’s plans are to take things easy, and get some things done before relaxing for the rest of the day. Still have some things to declutter, and tidy up. So on the to-do list for today:

  • Create a Workout Routine
  • Clean everything good- take out trash, clean bathroom mirror, etc.
  • De-clutter things in my closet, around the bedroom, and even in the living room
  • Start taking care of myself- physically, mentally, and spiritually

Well I will catch you guys later, if anyone has a Tumblr, follow there: memoirs-by-gabby09.tumblr.com

Until tomorrow…



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