It is 2:53pm (will probably be later once this is posted)

So I have some great news, earlier this week, my aunt Jasmine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Shiloh. And it has now been an official week since I moved into my new place.

But for the past couple days this week, work has been a little crazy. Besides the constant changes with people and new positions, I still feel like everyone doesn’t take me seriously with the work that I’m doing. I know I shouldn’t heed to a word that people think or say, but it’s very hard to ignore the bullshit when it’s coming from the aisle right next to you. Sorry for the foul language, but it’s true. Since this is also Mental Health Awareness Month, there is more to talk about.

Yesterday, after reflecting over this past week’s events, and dealing with all the rain, I took the advice of scripture, family, and friends and didn’t dwell on work until I go back on Monday. So yesterday, went to the furniture store with Mom so she can pick up her furniture for her place, then went over to Fairview Heights with her, my brother, and his girlfriend. While we were out there, we visited an Herbal Store where this lady sells all-natural products, and can also tell what’s going on with you just by looking at you. Long story short, still unsure about some of the things she gave me to use for my ailments, but this was a MAJOR wake-up call for me to get back healthy again.

Anyway, I got to go get my things together for the work week so I don’t slack on them, and put it off for too long.

Until later…


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