Happy Tuesday!

It was back to reality for me because today I had to go back to work after having 4 days off from moving. But it’s ok, there will be more days off. Anyway, posted a new entry on my Tumblr for Mental Illness Month so here is the link to check it out:ย self-care. There, I posted a picture collage of other things that I do for self-care. Especially for the day like I had today and part of last week at work.

Lately, everything and everyone is changing. Changing positions, changing jobs, even changing personalities. Well that department, sadly has not changed one bit. Last Wednesday, I overheard my name being brought up in a gossip conversation. Long story short, the way my name was brought up, it didn’t sound like a pleasant topic. Feeling a little upset, I told someone close to me about it. They cheered me up by telling me to ignore it and be the bigger person. Continue to do your best and work hard at what you do. And remember that God is on your side. That’s when it hit me. I realized that when I had my routine of nightly devotional, I was more positive at work. Now that I’ve been slipping, I am still positive but I let the little things get to me so easily.

Now, I gone back to listening to my audiobooks, and now I’ll get back on listening to InTouch again in the morning when I come into work. I got to start and become more positive to eliminate the negative.

On that note, I am going to call it a night with my blogging.

Until tomorrow…


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