Good evening and it is May!!! 🌺🌸👑🌸🌺

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. We’re almost halfway through this year.

And it is Day 4 in my new apartment, and today was a beautiful day. Woke up at 9, walked up to the neighborhood 7Eleven and grabbed some breakfast (Note to Self: need to go grocery shopping this week, ASAP). After eating a decent breakfast, spent part of day sketching in my sketchbook while watching FairyTale on Netflix. After sketching for a while, browsed on Tumblr and realized that this month is Mental Health Month, so anyone that has a Tumblr page out there, I will leave the link down below to my page so you can follow my journey with me. Also, you guys may like the challenge they have for this month too so check that out too. Then, played a LONG session game of Candy Crush Saga, which I am getting better at the original version. But I need to step my game up on Soda and Jelly.

Overall, these past couple of days, even though it rained, I’m glad this happened. I needed some rest that was WAY overdue, and well deserved. So tonight, I should have a better night’s sleep now that no one is above me anymore. Also, created a nice little space for me to start doing my bible reading again. I’m so happy and blessed, and can’t wait to see what else this year has in store for me. 😊😊😊😊

Tonight, after I receive my things from mother and my sister-in-law, I’ll spend some time and do a little reading before calling it a night. I need to get back into the groove again. I need to develop a schedule too this week so I can be a healthier me again. No more slacking this time, that’s for sure. 😉😊😉😊😉

Well good night ladies and gents, I will see you guys on Tuesday.

Until tomorrow…


P.S Here’s the link to my Tumblr: Diary of Gabrielle Beverly and the link to read more about the #PostItForward challenge: Self-Care


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