It’s Sunday, and I’m back!!!!

And even better news, I am moved into my new townhome!!!!!! And I am so happy that the process is over. I am blogging to you guys from the comfort of my “blogging nook” on my new desk thanks to my mom. Let’s just say I’m still trying to get use to it. Trying to remember to use the key to this door, and getting use to sleeping upstairs. But I am so in love with it. It’s so peaceful, quiet, and a lot more friendly over here. Overall, a huge different from my last environment being in the garden apartment.

So let’s start with last Friday, the day I go to sign my lease, and give the correct paperwork to start the BIG move. Once that was over, we started getting into the motion. The only thing trying to push us back was the rain. Yes, it rained and poured on my moving day. But our movers got the job done, and I was in my new place in no time. After all the big stuff was moved, we then went back to the old apartment to clean and grab a few last minute things. But Friday, I was pooped and rested in my new home. Yesterday, I was in full out cleaning, and unboxing mode. And with the help of family, I got all my stuff unboxed and put away in no time. All I had to do was find a place to put everything. Then, the decluttering process started up again, and I was getting rid of even more things that I didn’t needed. But once again, after staying up late again to get things done, I went to sleep and slept all night into 12pm today.

And here we are today, almost every room in my apartment is finished and put together. I still have a few boxes laying around, but I’ll get those tomorrow or sometime this week. But I am so thankful to get this done, and to have this new place to add a new chapter to my story. The people in this building are so polite, and so considerate, and actually watch out for each other. On top of that, they all talk to each other which made me feel good. I stayed outside earlier for a hour getting to know some of my neighbors, as well as laughing about what goes on in the complex. I think living over here in this new place won’t be so bad after all.

Now that I have everything put away in the right place, I can now create a routine to start sticking to this week. Also, I can start back on my reading again. Yep, this is going to be a wonderful and beautiful change.

Well, I’m going to browse around on some Pinterest for inspiration for home decor.

Until tomorrow…



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