Good morning and we’re back to another busy work week.

Well I am anyway. Currently, I am blogging to you guys from the comfort of my cubicle, thanks to my cell phone 😊😊😊 (ha, ha I can use my emojis for sure now). Mom decided to take me to work early, which is great because I can get more work done plus, I can leave and get off work early. Thanks mom, great idea!!!

Anyway, gotta finish boxing stuff up. But I decided to go through my stuff one more time before boxing everything up for good for the “Big Move”. I watched one of my fave YouTubers videos, saying how she did a cleanse of everything: mentally, phsycially, spiritually, etc. So I thought I need to do a really good cleanse from until I get settled in my new place. 

Its time for a fresh start.

Until later…



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