4.14.17- 2

I’m back and tonight’s topic has a bit of humor and fun to it.

So tonight’s question goes out to anyone so feel free to chime in and leave your comments. But has anyone ever had a moment so irritating, so annoying, and just down right frustrating with a…squirrel 🐿🐿🐿?

Yes, I said it squirrel 🐿🐿🐿. Those cute guys and gals that run around with acorns in their mouths, scurrying around from predators, cars, and anything else that can scare them? Yes, the ones with cute little faces and big bushy tails that climb trees, and find anything to make themselves a nice little home to live. Well the reason for this post is a good one that I know most of us can relate to.

So earlier today, my mom went to take her trash out to one of the 10 dumpsters located throughout the complex. I was sitting in her front room, preparing for us to go grab a bite to eat. Suddenly, she bursts through the door, and says “Those damn squirrels, squirrel scared the crap out of me!” Looking confused, I asked her what happened. She goes on to tell me that as she tossed the bag of trash into the dumpster, the furry rascal jumped out of terror, almost lunging at her, as he scurried and tried to make his escape. We both laughed as we shook our heads at the same time in dismay 😂😔😂😔😂

Long story short, if this has ever happened to anyone, please say I. If you guys have any other funny squirrels stories, do share them here. But the question still stands: Does anyone else gets frustrated with squirrels being in places that they shouldn’t be in?

Well that is all for now.

Until tomorrow…



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