img_0537It’s Monday and it is the 3rd day of April.

Monday funday or Monday No-Sun Day?

I’ll say it was half/half. Half fun, and of course half, wet, gloomy, and a bit muddy.

But it is the 3rd of April and sadly, yesterday I missed Day 2 of my photo challenge. And to be honest, I don’t think it’s best to post pictures of mail on here for the photo challenge. So we’re going to skip Day 3 and put up Day 2 as the Day 3 which is this beautiful picture. The topic for Day 2 (the new Day 3 ) is Color.

If you guys didn’t know, that pretty bright color blanket behind me in this picture has been my favorite ever since Elementary school. The crazy thing is, I have a rainbow of colors in my wardrobe for the summer and spring, and a little for fall. But winter, I can say it consists nothing but dark colors, and BLACK, BLACK, BLACK!!!! But the color Yellow, I think it’s such a beautiful color because it describes my personality: bubbly, bright, and carefree.

The color can put a smile on anybody’s face, especially people with mental health issues. Lately, on our trips to the grocery store, I’ll find a nice beautiful bouquet of roses, and just treat myself. First, I bought a bouquet of pink roses, they were beautiful. Then, I bought a bouquet of white roses. Purity, and light, like little clouds in the home. So from that moment on, I told myself that I would get a bouquet of roses whenever we go back to the grocery store. Why? Because, they’re pretty and they put you in a good mood every time you look at them. Well, at least that’s what’s they’ve been doing for me.

Right now, my counter is bare of flowers since I’ll be moving soon, but once I get settled in, I think I’ll go somewhere different, find the biggest bouquet of flowers, and buy them as a treat to myself.

Anyway, time to do some quiet time. And then off to bed.

Until tomorrow…


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