It’s Saturday…and it’s the 1st day of April.

Hope everyone enjoyed or is still enjoying this beautiful evening. Today was just a beautiful day earlier. But it was also a hectic one too.

Woke up and ran the regular errands with Mom (as well as did some shopping). And afterwards, I went over my brother’s house where another awesome, yet peaceful bible study took place. The reason why I really liked this one was because of the fact that even though everyone else were on the same spiritual journey, and realized that I was still learning at my own speed, they accepted me for that and told me to take my time. Don’t rush into it, and enjoy the process.

5 years ago, I remember sitting in the church pew listening to this young girl’s testimony of how being at church turned her life around and that she wanted to do right by the Lord. I was touched because during that time, I was still doing wrong even after graduating high school and knew that if I continued down the path I was going, and kept it up, I wouldn’t be where I am today because of God. So I got up, stood before our pastor and I just sobbed, I let everything all out because I was living with so many demons and so much guilt for not doing anything about it earlier. I felt free, but ever since then, resisting temptation and fighting the Devil were always a constant battle for me. And if I was saved, then I shouldn’t have been feeling like that.

Fast forward to now, I’ve lost some friends, most that probably weren’t meant to be my friend to begin with. I was teased and bullied growing up, only to become a more humbled person who wanted to continue to stay on the right path and stay out of trouble. Thanks to tonight’s gathering, I know now that there’s more to living a good life doing right by God than just doing Godly deeds, and staying out of trouble. During the reading, I learned that you need to look deeper within the Word, but go at your own pace. Not everyone is on the same journey as you are, and that’s ok. That’s why lately it’s been so important for me to get back to my reading again like I did before. I would come home, and before doing anything else, I sat down, got my bible, and started my meditation and quiet time. Now, since things have been so hectic and I’ve been procrastinating for too long, I never made time to do it.

I told myself that I would discipline myself in certain aspects of my life. From health to building a relationship with God. The key for me is to keep it up and stick with it, which lately that hasn’t been working out so far. So I started with doing a new photo challenge for the month. Today’s photo was “Your Reflection” and I think I like how I planned it out. I added my true feelings to the photo because that’s how I felt when I looked at it. Today’s first task: complete. And it will continue on.

Well time for me to do a little bit of relaxing before going to bed.

Until tomorrow…


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