It’s Friday, and it’s the last day of March.

So what can I say about the month of March in one blog post. Full of surprises, opportunities, and…partial drama. Let’s start with the surprises.

So earlier this month, got a new phone plan. But also, went to another one of my brother’s bible studies (they start up again tomorrow, so I will be attending). I thought they would be like the ones at church, but the last two I went to, they were definitely an eye opener. Overall, I was glad that he invited me, I haven’t missed one yet, and don’t plan to miss anymore coming soon.

Another pleasant surprise was seeing my dear friend Jasmine, who I hadn’t seen since last year before my big move into the apartment. When we met up, it was like we were little kids again. Imagine the scene from “The Color Purple” where the two girls reunite after so many years (yes, the hand game and singing along with it too). We went to Applebee’s, sat up and ate, chat, laughed, and sadly we had to part ways, but we promised that once I got settled into my new place, we would start up our “Girl’s Night In” events. The following are included:

  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Snacks
  • Movies
  • PJ’s
  • Positive Vibes

Yep, that’s our idea of fun now. I can officially say that I’m slowly becoming a bit of an old lady now a days. Earlier this month, March showed me that I’m doing better just being single and thinking about other things while I wait for someone to come along. At the beginning of this month, I think I told you guys about 2 guys that came across my path: one didn’t get my number, and the other DID deserve my number. But as this month (and part of last month) went by, I have came across 2 “blasts from the past” that I thought stayed in the past. The first one, we finally talked things out and long story short, he respected my decision and we parted ways. My second blast? My ex who just contacted me recently from another state. I actually sat up in bed thinking “Is this let’s talk to Gabby after so long day?” But March has taught me 3 things when it comes to relationships: put God first, be patient, and never settle for less. To be honest, being single so far has been great.

I’ve been working on my blog, trying to discipline myself on taking better care of me, and learning to be patient, staying focus at work, and trying to stay focus on this move. Overall, this month’s word is Focus, F O C U S. I even found cool hipster wallpaper for my laptop to keep me motivated. I also found some inspirational quotes to put up on here as well. So far, planning the blog has been baby steps. I’m glad that the layout looks nice, but I know it can be nicer. Thanks to training at work, I’ve found ways to make a header for my blog. So sometimes this year, there may be a new background header. Also still working with the content I want to put on this blog. And that’s the other improvement, I’m not stressing over my blog as much as I use to. It would be days I would jot down ideas and stuff at work for the blog, only to get sidetrack with my actual work, and then come home and become so stressed out, I didn’t want to post anything at all for that day, or even that month.

Also, found some cute finds during this month, including the Photo Challenge that I found on Pinterest that I never finished. So starting tomorrow, you guys will be going on a photo journey with me.

Well that’s enough blogging for one night, time to hit the sack. I got to get up early and help mom get more boxes. It’s down to the wire now.

Until tomorrow…

P.S.- Photos will also be posted on Instagram & Tumblr page. Links will be posted on 1st photo tomorrow. Good night loves!!!


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