Good morning and we’re back to another busy work week. Well I am anyway. Currently, I am blogging to you guys from the comfort of my cubicle, thanks to my cell phone 😊😊😊 (ha, ha I can use my emojis for sure now). Mom decided to take me to work early, which is great because … More 4.17.17


Hey guys, it is Saturday. And today was an excellent day. Woke up, and talked to my dad. Then went over Mom’s and got to take a look at her new soon-to-be home. Long story short, she will enjoy every moment in her new neighborhood. Afterwards, we went to get manicures and pedicures, which were … More 4.15.17

4.14.17- 2

I’m back and tonight’s topic has a bit of humor and fun to it. So tonight’s question goes out to anyone so feel free to chime in and leave your comments. But has anyone ever had a moment so irritating, so annoying, and just down right frustrating with a…squirrel 🐿🐿🐿? Yes, I said it squirrel … More 4.14.17- 2


Happy Friday!!! And a beautiful one it is…at the moment because the weathermen said it was suppose to rain later on. But from where I’m sitting, that has not taken place yet. Anyway, sorry for the long M.I.A. Last weekend, I went over my Auntie’s house and we went to Red Lobster (by way, I … More 4.14.17


Good evening, hope everyone had a productive Thursday. And if I had paid more attention to my photo challenge list, I would have taken photos of my lunch today from earlier. We had our annual luncheon to celebrate Cardinal season coming up, which consists of the following: Hot Dogs Nachos Chili Strawberries (mad at myself … More 4.6.17


It’s Monday and it is the 3rd day of April. Monday funday or Monday No-Sun Day? I’ll say it was half/half. Half fun, and of course half, wet, gloomy, and a bit muddy. But it is the 3rd of April and sadly, yesterday I missed Day 2 of my photo challenge. And to be honest, … More 4.3.17


It’s Saturday…and it’s the 1st day of April. Hope everyone enjoyed or is still enjoying this beautiful evening. Today was just a beautiful day earlier. But it was also a hectic one too. Woke up and ran the regular errands with Mom (as well as did some shopping). And afterwards, I went over my brother’s … More 4.1.17


It’s Friday, and it’s the last day of March. So what can I say about the month of March in one blog post. Full of surprises, opportunities, and…partial drama. Let’s start with the surprises. So earlier this month, got a new phone plan. But also, went to another one of my brother’s bible studies (they … More 3.31.17