3.30.17- 2

So, something funny just happened…

Mother dear came over the apartment not too long ago and said she would help me box up more things. Sadly, we both ate chinese and sat on the couch…and procrastinated. Well not really, she suffered from a bad night of little sleep so I told her we would do more boxing this weekend.

But while she was here, it was nice to have her here. Pretty soon, she’ll be at a different complex and I’ll still be at this one. Even though that was the plan when I first got the apartment, I didn’t think it would come up so soon. But funny how time flies, I can’t believe it will officially be a year since I’ve moved into this place. And now, in a matter of weeks, I am boxing up a year of accomplishments, memories, and this go round, a boat load of crap that I have accumulated. Amazing how you can collect a lot more things over the period of a year.

Most of all though, I am going to miss waking up and just walking up to Mom’s house. But I’ve got to be a grown up now. I’ve got to stand on my own. I know she’ll be my side though. And she’s never too far away. Brings back memories of when she helped me get the care I needed for my bipolar. It was scary for her at first, but I think after seeing how far I’ve come from where I was, I know she is proud of me and happy that she took part of this journey with me.

Maybe I should have titled this “Mother & Daughter Diaries” since I find myself posting all the time from the comfort of my mother’s couch.

Anyway, let me get ready for tomorrow. Brainstorming for this blog, and got to get ready for the BIG MOVE!!!!!

Until tomorrow…

P.S- April may have less posts due to busy move so just giving you a friendly heads-up


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