3.27.17- 3

Ok so update on today’s events:

Got up with the plan of going to the local QuikTrip to get yummy breakfast (and possible lunch) only to come outside to rain. So went to the next best thing…7eleven. It wasn’t QuikTrip, but I got a satisfying breakfast. Afterwards, came back and ate, while I sat here and blogged. Once the food settled, and after I went through my things to break down, I started the boxing process.

The end result, I have 2 boxes done, taped and stacked away. And one big box filled with shoes that I knew I wasn’t going to wear anymore. I only kept out a few pairs to wear for the week, and to wear for the time I’m still at this apartment until the big move. And last but not least, I still have stuff on my bed, so I need to clear that off before I go to bed, take a shower, pack lunch, and get some sleep.

Got my meditation time in, and today’s reading talked about where are you God, and learning how to read the bible. Long story short, I’ve still have a long way to go on my spiritual growth to get back to where I was 2 years ago. But that’s ok, I enjoyed going down this journey because I took the time out to just silence everything and just dive in. So tonight, once everything is slowed down, I’m going to read my bible, and then get some sleep.

Well let me get back to business. See you guys in the AM, back on the grind.

Until tomorrow…


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