3.26.17- 2

So it is hours later since family dinner.

And it has been another successful one.

Brother made his yummy Mexican casserole as always, and everyone had a good time. Well everyone except for me towards the end. I developed a horrible headache, and sadly, it’s still here but I did take medicine for it along with my usual medicine so hopefully, I should be about to get a good night’s sleep.

The blast from the past occurred again, and this time I called and decided to hear their side of the story. Long story short, they explained that they did understand where I was coming from and respected my decision, even if it meant not to see them or talk to them again.

I was shocked at the reaction at first because I thought they would turn out going south. But it all turned out good. So now, I can really focus on the important things in my life right now: bettering my relationship with God, bettering myself, and preparing myself for my BIG transition next month.

On that note, I am going to bed.

Until tomorrow…


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