Good evening!

Well today was a good day at work.

Earlier this morning, let’s say at 2:00am, I woke up to an upset stomach. But eventually went back to sleep. Then woke up, and browsed on the usual morning rituals: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and yes, WordPress. Hey, girl has to catch up on her daily news on fashion, life, art, and other things, right?

Anyway, came into work, and wrapped my warm blanket around me as I sat at my computer.But after half an hour had passed, I think I’ve come to conclusion to place the blanket on the lower part of my body. Because the next thing I know, I’m starting to doze off at my desk. So yes, that’s the plan for tomorrow or whenever I feel like I want to be comfy at work (since sweats are not allowed).

Then, enjoyed a peaceful bus ride, listening to another InTouch Ministries radio segment. I realize now that for me, that’s the best way to end a busy work day. Took a trip to see my Mom’s godmother (my old hairdresser ever since I was little). We sat up laughed, and chat, and caught up on old times. We were also talking about what’s going on with the world. Earlier on Facebook, I watched 3 videos and only one of them were uplifting. The first one showed to two boys getting into a fight, and how else would the world know about this fight? You got it, one of the friends in the group stood there with a cell phone, RECORDING it. But what happened next is what made me watch the video even longer. A local neighbor walked up the two, not only stopping the brawl, but also explaining to them (and their crew) that this is behavior was giving them (and their families) a bad reputation. He spoke knowledge to them, explaining to them that they were no longer boys, they were men and that men do not act like this. He also told them that whatever the fight was about, it was over something and not worth losing their respect, dignity, and their reputation. Overall, he told them that they looked like fools, and that whatever the fight was about, that they needed to settle things the right way and apologize on it.

The next two videos were really startling and shocking to me. All I can say is that both videos were both heart-breaking and had me think about what really goes on today in the world. All I can say is that we need to continue to spread positive thoughts, messages, and energy to the world. Stop all the madness, violence, and sharing ignorance to one another. Get yourself together, and help others get themselves together.

I just wanted to share that tonight since it was heavy on my mind. But it is time for bed. So on that note, have a good night you all.

Until tomorrow…


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