3.22.17- 2

So, we are now into the late hour of the day.

Earlier, I decided to stay late after work so I study a little more. Then I came home, and started to relax a little bit. Mom came over so we could look into getting her a new phone since this one was starting to cause her problems.

Afterwards, we went to go eat at Cane’s, where the funniest thing happened. We ordered our food, and I turn around to find my mother had ran off. I have no idea where she went. Suddenly, one of the workers bring out an order, and gives me the head nod as if to tell me to take it. So I took the food, only to then look up and find my mother returning from the restroom, and the order I got isn’t our order at all. Talk about embarrassing. I look up to see the people sitting behind us go up to the front to discuss their order that I just politely returned back up to the front.

I couldn’t help but giggle because even though I picked up the wrong order, I could help but have one thought in my mind, why weren’t these people up at the front waiting on their food like everyone else? That way, you could hear the names clearly, and you know that your order is correct. Not trying to sound mean, but that’s just what’s on my mind. But yeah, just thought I share that little tid-bit with you all.

So, before I go to bed, I am going to do a little meditation and listen to InTouch Ministries. I need a little inspiration to keep my mind at ease before I go to bed.

Anyway, time for bed folks. Talk you guys and girls in the AM.

Until tomorrow…


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