Happy Tuesday!

Can you guess where I am blogging from this morning? In the comfort of my apartment. I had my appointment with my psychiatrist earlier and decided to take the remainder of the day off. Don’t worry, I notified my people at work so I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Since I have the day all to myself (before calling Daddy) I’m debating on whether to go to the nail shop to get a mani/pedi OR should I do them myself, and just go out to my local Walgreens and just treat myself to some spa trinkets and damper into some office supplies. Hey, I’m a girl and sometimes it’s hard to make a final decision on these things.

So my appointment went well as always, I gave my life update about my move, my transition at work, the loss in our family, and so many other things that’s been going on with me. Overall, I enjoy going to my appointments, she always makes me laugh when she starts our talks with “How’s my girl?” and then I go right into no problem. After our talk, mom dropped me off here and now I am sitting here blogging.

Ok, I know this is just another one of my rambling moments but, I just wanted to let you all know that if you have days like these, take advantage of them to take time off from a busy schedule, or to just re-energize yourself after being sick or to handle business.

Anywayk, I think I’ll head out and go to Walgreens to get me somne goodie.

I shall return…


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