Hey there!!!

I’m back, and have decided to give myself a mani/pedi.

I ventured out to my local walgreens as mentioned in my last post. After walking and browsing around for what felt like 30 minutes, I manage to leave out with 2 notebooks (YES, NOTEBOOKS!!!!  *evil laugh*), 2 new nail colors, which I will use for my mani/pedi, life saver gummies, lip balm, shaving cream, lotion, deodorant, and pens for my notebooks (and journal writing). Then I went to your friendly neighborhood QuikTrip, and grabbed some lunch. And came back home, sitting back on the futon.

So the plan, after I eat lunch and allow my food to rest, I will clean the apartment and declutter some more. And then bring out the manicure sets and pedicure set and get to work.

So I will come back to you all later.



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