3.20.17- 2

Another work day done, and feeling good.

Came into work today sluggish due to me going to bed late and not getting the proper amount of sleep AND taking my melatonin which made things very imbalanced for me throughout the day. But other than that, I sat down, started on my project, did my training, and prepared my tasks for the next day.

After I get off of work now, I listen to InTouch Ministries. For anyone who needs any kind of inspiration and uplifting to start their day or to continue to stay uplifted throughout the day, this is the perfect app/website. You can watch a sermon on your lunch break, and listen to devotionals and messages while you work (if your job lets you do so). And I would noticed that after I finished listening to one of the messages, I feel a lot better and more peaceful. for m

Well, I was suppose to clean and go through some more stuff for the BIG DAY in April. But I love writing, and watching cartoons, and also, still playing around with some things on this website. I love looking at the different themes that they have. So beautiful and fun to play with and customize.

But time for me to take my medicine, and take a shower for tomorrow.

Until tomorrow…


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