Back to Monday, back to reality 😔!!!

And I didn’t sleep too good last night.

Even though I followed everything by the book, I still didn’t get a full nights sleep. Seems like I’m sleeping worse and worse now. I set my tv on a timer, I play soft music, my room stays dark, so what’s the problem? 

Idk, and that’s my final answer. So we’re back to being a part of the insomniac family (if there is anyone else out there in a far away land, please say I). Anyway, yesterday, I helped a fellow blogger with some good advice. Once I brought them up to her, it made her so happy. But it got me thinking, maybe I should create posts here and there that talk about what I do to handle my depression. For a while I was thinking about making videos for my blog, but I didn’t know which program to use or where to start. Before I start posting them for real, I’ll do a few for test run.

Anyway, this week will be the beginning of a lot of new things to come. I’ve got some packing to do soon. Can’t wait, but I’ll try to get a small nap in before work, still very tired 😴.

Until later…


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