Saturdays, my favorite day of the week.

Not because it is the day after Friday AND the day after the last day of the work week, but because for me Saturdays are fun, and also productive. Even though it is the weekend, this is the time where I get my “ish” together. And right now, for this month, I have a lot of things that I need to get together.

Other than the usual work week, and lunch prep, this month requires decluttering to the maximum, and prioritizing my entire living all in a matter of…10 days now!!!! Talk about anxiety. So this morning I woke up, and started on the room that needed the most love and care, the kitchen. I know, I know girls are suppose to be tidy and neat. But this week has been nothing but a stressful and exciting one for me.

Let’s rewind back to Tuesday, this was my BIG DAY, evaluation day. Overall, it went great! Nothing but great notes, and a huge improvement from when I got hired on full-time back in 2015 to now. And training is going phenomenally, my new lead says that I’m moving right on track and keeping on schedule. So long story short, yours truly is still fighting with the big dogs. But since this is the Lent season, this is also time for changes. I know I keep repeating myself, but it feels good to see how far I have come from high school to now.

Growing up, I was always the quiet, shy, goofy little girl who wanted nothing more to do but to make friends everywhere I go. Sadly as I got older, most of those friends I made would soon become bullies, friends with benefits, or people who just wanted to take advantage of me.Well I’ve come to the realization that you would understand who your true friends are, and that you deserve better and can do better. Well part of that still holds true, but once I got out of high school, I wiped myself a fresh clean slate and started taking control of things that I will and will not tolerate. For example, after listening to the audiobook “The Wait”, I now know that God wants me to have nothing but his best, and that he wants us to follow his ways, and do good. So I told myself, that I would no longer fill my head (and after this weekend, my body) with negative thoughts, toxic people, only to back slide into a dark spiral, and never recover.

I want to continue to grow, and be happy, and live happily. But I want to do all of this God’s way, not constantly trying to find my own way. No more trying to figure things out my way, no more going to friends or family first, when I need to talk to God. I mean family and friends are still important, but during my devotionals, God has the answers and solutions you need at the end of the day, and He uses family and friends for us to understand. So, during the midst of decluttering, cleaning, and prioritizing my life, I’m going to have long talks with God.

“The Wait” is a great book to read, and I recommend anyone who wants to change for the better, start with this book. I am, and I want to invite you guys on my journey if you let me.

Until tomorrow, I’ve got some creativity I need to pour out.


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