Good morning!

It’s Friday, and it is 4:09am…and I am wide awake 😳😳😳.

I normally get up at 5:30, 5:35, but this morning after going to the bathroom twice, I cannot go back to sleep 😴😴😴. So I figure I come on here and tell you guys about the remainder of last night.

Got in the bed at 9, and did my reading for lent. Then I listened to The Wait and started mapping out my plan for starting. Today, I’m going to make a pledge to myself to wait on the following aspects in life and do things God’s way, as well as resisting temptation from the things I don’t need. Later on today, I’ll put it on here for you all to see and to inspire you guys to take on the wait as well. Then I did a little journaling, and went off to sleep. Sadly I woke up to my sinuses kicking, and me grabbing tissues left and right. But I’m not going to let that put a damper on my Friday 😊😊😊.

Now that I’m up, I’m going to go ahead and get my started. Also, I need to catch up on my bible app reading from yesterday. I forgot to do it last night so need to play catch up. 

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful and productive Friday!

Until later on…



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