Good morning all!!!

Yesterday went well, I got into work, and my headache went away as soon as I got some food in my system. And also, listened to some good old InTouch Ministries. Then went to get my library card renewed so AUDIOBOOKS ARE BACK!!! 😍😍😍

When you’re working in front of computer (with strict internet access) at your job, sometimes the day may seem to drag on. And for me, music did help me at first. The problem was I felt like it would take forever for me to come up with a good playlist to get me motivated, or find my favorite song to put on repeat. But now, audiobooks not only help me work faster, they help my day go by faster and more smoother too. 

For those that have never experienced a audiobook, here are some helpful tips to start: 

  • Find Books that You Love- if you enjoy Mystery, Thriller, Romance, etc., stick to what you know and love. For me, I always go for books that have an interesting cover. Then I read what the book is about, if both grab my attention, then I’ll check it out. 
  • Start Small- find a audiobook that is between 6-8 hours long. Regular work hours are at least 8 1/2 hours long so the audiobook will last you throughout the day. If you need to start really small, there are books that last for less than 6 hours. Check them out.
  • If there’s a Download, do it- depending on which app you use, you can download your books for free if you have no internet access to listen to them wherever you go. For example, Hoopla is a great app because you can use your library card to check out materials. Once you do that, there is a download link to press. Once that’s done, you can listen or watch your materials without the use of internet. 

Well I hope this morning post was very helpful. Enjoy listening, and reading.

Have a Happy Thursday!!!!

Until next time…



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