OK, happy Sunday!

It’s been 2 days since I last talked to you. So let me give you an update on what’s been going on.

Friday, went to pick up my medicine from your friendly neighborhood Walgreen’s. Caught the bus back home, and a man was kind enough to let me sit down on the bus. The funny thing is I didn’t realize that he was DRUNK until I caught a whiff of beer from his breath. He’s having a flirty conversation with our bus driver, and the next thing I know, the man tosses his empty beer can inside of my Walgreen’s bag. 😡😡😡 

So I politely put it back on the seat next to him, and removed myself to the back door of the bus. The next thing I know, the man tells me that he is a “No Good N****”. 😂😂😂 I was shocked, but couldn’t help but giggle a little because at least he was honest. Once I got home, I also realized that it was a good thing that he was riding the bus drunk instead of driving his car drunk. 😊😊😊. Then Mom and I went to grab some food, went to Walmart, and browsed around. And I came home and went to sleep.

Saturday was the ultimate shopping day. Mom and I went to our local market and bought some groceries (and some oils from “The Perfume Man”), went to Rainbow, then Goodwill, and ate at our favorite place, New York Grill. Fast forward to Saturday evening, went to my brother’s for another bible study. I really am enjoying these bible studies. So yes, that is my new thing to do on Saturday nights. I am feeling better, more peaceful, and less stressed thanks to the lessons. I get excited now to go to bible study. So when my brother text me again, I will be ready.

Anyway, we are going on another adventure. So I will return later.

Until Part 2…



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