Good evening!

So yesterday, met up with my best friend. I missed her so much and it was great. We talked, laughed, and caught up on old times. But the funny thing was my journey getting to her and my journey back home.

Well after I got off work, I got on the metrolink (after riding 2 buses to get there). Once I got on, I kept looking at this guy and you know you think or feel you’ve met that person before? Anyway, we laughed talked about music, and when he asked me for my number, I said sure. The problem? I got off of my stop only to realize he wasn’t getting off the same stop with me, and I completely forgot to give him my number. It was like those chick flicks where the guy really likes you but forgets to ask you your name, so he reaches for you on the bus or the train, thinking he’ll never see you again? Yea, that’s what happen. 😂😔😳

Finally, got to my destination, and after an hour and a 1/2 went by, my friend walked me back to the metrolink. Once I got on, we parted ways and I traveled back to the Hanley station (my destination home). While I was waiting on my other bus, I was playing one of my audiobooks when this guy walks by (not the same guy from earlier). He asked me if I was waiting on the 77 bus, and I said yes. He smiled and said ok. Then he told me his name and we struck up another conversation. We talked until my bus stop came up. So we parted ways, however he did get my number.😊😉😊😉😊

I was like a little school girl again, and called my friend and told her what happened. And then adulthood kicked back in when she reminded me to stay focused. Yes, focused. I want to fall in love and meet Mr. right, I probably did. But right now, I need work on me. What I want, what do I like, what’s my passion or passions in life. Also, one of the things I’m working on is building a better relationship with God. I want to continue to do right and live right, which means I’m going to continue to wait on God’s best (Mr. Right) and let God work on me.

Wow, that was a lot to tell. I say about 4-5 pages in my actual diary if I was Hans writing this. But time for me to get ready for bed, Friday is an early day as always.

Until tomorrow…🌺🌸👑🌸🌺

P.S. starting a photo challenge on Instagram so posts with photos coming soon 📷📷📷


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