3.30.17- 2

So, something funny just happened… Mother dear came over the apartment not too long ago and said she would help me box up more things. Sadly, we both ate chinese and sat on the couch…and procrastinated. Well not really, she suffered from a bad night of little sleep so I told her we would do … More 3.30.17- 2


Good morning! Well yesterday was another evening of small packing.  I got home, and started going through stuff, and then got hungry. So went over Mom’s house and picked up some food. Ate dinner, and got comfortable enough to sit on the couch and blaze through a few levels of Candy Crush and Candy Crush: … More 3.30.17


It’s now Hump Day…well evening!!! All day, it’s been cloudy, gloomy, and quite chilly. But today at work, still went very productive. Pretty soon, my lead said I should be getting a project to work on this week. The thing is…I’ll be doing EVERYTHING for the project, from start to finish. I’m excited, but also … More 3.29.17

3.27.17- 3

Ok so update on today’s events: Got up with the plan of going to the local QuikTrip to get yummy breakfast (and possible lunch) only to come outside to rain. So went to the next best thing…7eleven. It wasn’t QuikTrip, but I got a satisfying breakfast. Afterwards, came back and ate, while I sat here … More 3.27.17- 3

3.27.17- 2

Rain, the first sign of Springtime. And that’s what I finally woke up to after I was able to catch up on a few lost hours of sleep from yesterday. After last night, it is official that I really need to get my health back on track. I’ve never experienced a migraine for that long … More 3.27.17- 2


Good morning all!!! Hope everyone’s morning is off to a good start. Feeling a little under the weather, but I’m feeling a little better now. So today is going to be a take it easy day. I think I’ll take this time, to relax and have my daily devotional and read my bible. Also, take … More 3.27.17

3.26.17- 2

So it is hours later since family dinner. And it has been another successful one. Brother made his yummy Mexican casserole as always, and everyone had a good time. Well everyone except for me towards the end. I developed a horrible headache, and sadly, it’s still here but I did take medicine for it along … More 3.26.17- 2


Good morning all! It is Sunday, and for me, this is the last Sunday of the month, which means Family Dinner. What happens you may ask? We kicked this off back in 2014, where each person in our family host a dinner on the last Sunday of every month. At first, I didn’t have to … More 3.26.17