I’m back…and it is Sunday evening.

Sometimes, I swear the weekends go by way too fast for me. Wish I could turn back the clock, and be able and stay up late on this night and enjoy another Monday off of work. But got to get up early tomorrow.

Woke up this morning and listened to InTouch on television. Then, went into the kitchen to make me a cup of tea and honey, made a delicious breakfast wrap, and was whisked off to church with my mom.

Today’s sermon was a inspiring one. The topic was people attending church, should that be forced or is that the person’s decision? Our pastor said he asked a woman in the community by the church why doesn’t she attend church. Here’s how the dialogue went:

Pastor: Hello

Woman: Hello pastor

Pastor: Just have a question, I see you around in the neighborhood, but I’ve never seen you come in the church. Is there a reason why you don’t come to the church?

Woman: I just don’t want to go to church

Now, I remember growing up with both of my grandfathers that going to church was mandatory. As I have gotten older, I have realized that going to church doesn’t mean going into a church house, as long as you’re getting “the entertainment” you need to continue living a good life. But with our church, today’s attendance was like 15 people (not counting the choir) and we have what looks like to be 30 pews or more. Imagine that for a moment, that’s a small congregation, meaning no one wants to come to church anymore because most times they don’t feel like it. But another reason our pastor mentioned that people no longer attend church now a days is the fact that some members growing up felt forced to come to church. I will admit, depending on which church I went to visit, I did feel forced to come back and attend, only to feel uncomfortable and tell my mom that I want to stay at my home church or at one point just not go to church at all, all together.

But now that I’ve gotten my life together, and things are turning around for the better, I attend my home church as well as starting to attend my brother’s bible study now, which after last night, I am definitely coming back. And I think I found my new fun thing do on the weekends beside sit at home and watch my firestick all night. Plus, it’s helping me get back focused into doing my meditation again. Hopefully, if I was able to find my bible study home, I think I will be able to find a church home as well as remain a true member at my original church home. I mean they practically raised me to be the young woman that I am today. Thanks to God, and them, I am a better person now and I’m very thankful and proud of that.

Okay, oh and the highlight of my night. My mother and I ate a free buffet at one of the many casinos we traveled around here in St.Louis, MO. Can you say fun, exciting, and exhausting at the same time? Had my fun, but now it’s time for bed.

Until tomorrow…



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