2.24.17- 2

I’m back!

Today was an awesome day at work. 😊

First, got to work to get some waffles from a waffle food truck. Let’s just say waffles for $4 is a steal. And quite delicious too. I had a chocolate chip waffle and an Oreo cookie waffle. 😌😌😌😌 can we just say that your girl was in waffle heaven??? Died and grew a pair of wings and a halo 😇. But long story short, breakfast was delicious.

After breakfast was over, came in and had a conversation with a good co-worker and started on my project. So far, getting the hang of learning the ropes of my new position. I’m still nervous though because the “BIG DAY” will be coming up soon where my lead comes to talk to me. Hours went by, and my job walked down to the church auditorium (my building is walking distance from a church) to have our Quarterly All-Hands Meetings. That’s where I went to heaven again.

Qudoba catered our meeting, can you say awesome and amazing? Not to mention I had the same thing earlier this week. After making our plates, stuffing our faces, and listened to tunes thanks to YouTube, the meeting began. I watched each person from the different departments give a speech, which I love because it gives me a chance how things operate at my job. Plus, it was great to see how much we accomplished over the past couple of years since I’ve been working there. 

Now, I am sitting in a rocking chair at my Nana’s house, blogging and enjoying peace. All I need is a cup of tea, but sadly the chair is too comfy to get up from. So I will sit out in this chair, and end the blog here.

Until tomorrow…



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