It’s Friday!

And I’m so happy. Sadly for the past four days, I have not been able to get the best sleep. But today, I plan on coming home and taking a nap. That’s been my mission all week, but no luck on accomplishing that. But luckily, I’m sticking with blogging. 😊 Anyway, I’m so excited because between now and April, I’ll be packing up to move into…a townhome. Being on my own for almost a year has taught me so much. But the biggest thing I remember to always be cautious and respect the ones around you.

Since my stay in my one-bedroom garden, I’ve dealt with 2 upstairs neighbors who sadly had no respect for the people around them in the building, including me. They would party all night, play music real loud, and if company came over, they would slam doors and stomp up and down the steps. But now, I’m just being patient from now until April. Pretty soon, it will be peace and quiet from here on out. 

But I got to go to work soon, so I’ll be back later on with some more highlights of my day.

Until this evening… 😊😊😊


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