It is Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday!!!!

This week, the weather has been beautiful. In the mornings, it does get nippy, chilly cold. But as soon as the afternoon hits, it hits 50’s- 60’s and the sun is shining, there a nice crisp breeze, and it actually is beginning to stay brighter a little past 5pm now.

Spring is coming right around the corner. The colors, the flowers, the weather, just that feeling of fresh, new, renewal, starting over is the best feeling. Also, no more winter blues, no more shorter days and long night, and no more cold dreary weather.

Tonight’s blog is just giving you guys a little update on me and where my head is right now. Work is still going great, and I’m still working on my blog in the process as well. I’ve been watching tutorials for Photoshop and working with WordPress, and also learning how to work Premiere Pro. One of my goals for 2017 was to start trying new things. I want to do more creative things like photography and making videos. Even though I am an Introvert, I still want to connect with people. My blog is the starting point. But like I said Tuesday, taking this blog one day at a time.

I’ll be back to the Old Gabby Diaries again, but better!

Until next time…


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