Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

So tonight’s post kind of ties in with this special day because for most of us, Valentine’s Day is also a day to give others a second chance or fresh start. Well starting over on this blog for me is a fresh start.

I started this blog last summer, and at first I was doing well. I was posting everyday, checking it on the regular, just keeping things in check. And then suddenly, things just slowly started falling off track with me. I couldn’t stay on topic (what my blog was about), I wasn’t posting as much, and it eventually got to the point where I kept all my original blueprints, but things weren’t falling into place. But it’s not only my blog that needed a fresh start, I needed a fresh start as well.

Coming back from California last August, I was getting in shape, working out, eating healthy, staying positive. And when the winter and holidays set in, and an unexpected death in the family, I fell off the wagon. Not just fell, I tumbled, belly-flopped, and landed on my face (just kidding). But you get the picture. I fell back into a dark hole, and just stayed in a funk for a while. That’s not fun when you have a mental illness. Yes, I am bipolar. And at times, it’s a struggle to stay focus, to stay positive, and to move forward in life. But thanks to God, family and friends, and the power of writing, I’ve been taking things 1 day at a time.

After having my old blog up for about a couple months, I realized that the process of keeping a blog, it does take time for someone who is just starting out. I know majority of it shouldn’t be complicated because you’re writing. But at times, I felt like I was pushing myself too hard when it came to blogging. If blogging isn’t hard, then I shouldn’t have to overthink it or anything. I need to let it come naturally. So just like I’m taking things 1 day at a time in life, I’m going to take on my blog 1 day at a time. I understand that now. I do want this to become my passion one day, but right now, I just need time to find my niche, stick with it, and use it towards this blog.

I will leave you all with this though, continue doing what you love. And turn that into your passion, I know I am. Hope you all enjoy this special day, and remember that everyday is Valentine’s Day

Time for Meditation.

Until next time…


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