We are now in the final day of February. Time has really gone by, but I’m excited. Spring is coming right around the corner.  So each post lately, I’ve mentioned that I would try to take a nap when I come home from work, helping me to get better night’s sleep. Well sadly, this week … More 2.28.17


And we’re back to Monday. A case of the dreaded Mondays. But at end of the day, I remind myself that I’m coming home to my nice warm home and nice comfy bed. I told myself that when I come home from work now to try and take more naps. 😴😴😴  Seriously, I am looking … More 2.27.17


I’m back…and it is Sunday evening. Sometimes, I swear the weekends go by way too fast for me. Wish I could turn back the clock, and be able and stay up late on this night and enjoy another Monday off of work. But got to get up early tomorrow. Woke up this morning and listened … More 2.26.17


It is now Sunday…and earlier I had an awesome Saturday. So Saturday, started the day being treated to breakfast at Denny’s. Then went grocery shopping with mom and brother. Also, bought myself a bouquet of pink roses to put an even bigger smile on my face. Hours later, went over my Nana’s house for our … More 2.25.17


It is almost midnight now… and I am back! Ok, so earlier this morning, I was blogging from the comfort of a couch at my mother’s house before leaving for work. A couple hours later, I was blogging to you from the comfort of a rocking chair at my Nana’s house. And now, I am … More 2.24.17-3

2.24.17- 2

I’m back! Today was an awesome day at work. 😊 First, got to work to get some waffles from a waffle food truck. Let’s just say waffles for $4 is a steal. And quite delicious too. I had a chocolate chip waffle and an Oreo cookie waffle. 😌😌😌😌 can we just say that your girl … More 2.24.17- 2


It’s Friday! And I’m so happy. Sadly for the past four days, I have not been able to get the best sleep. But today, I plan on coming home and taking a nap. That’s been my mission all week, but no luck on accomplishing that. But luckily, I’m sticking with blogging. 😊 Anyway, I’m so … More 2.24.17


Tuesday… After sitting in front of my work computer for 8 hours, and being in a meeting for the last 3, I should be sleepy and try to get some sleep. But I took my handy dandy Melatonin so soon, the lids will become heavy and I shall drift off to sleep. Today, and the … More 2.21.17